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Please feel free to look around, read some poetry, enjoy some graphics and digital art...see what  I have been doing for the last 8 years, and what I am capable of ...and to, hopefully, enjoy yourself....if you go to my newest site....Susan's Soul, you will see my latest interest...painting, not digital, but acrylics on canvas and paper....it has become a new way to express my creativity, and ease the stresses of life.
Welcome to DRAGONSWEBS !

This is my site that I created to showcase my poetry, graphics, and my creative side.  It is my oasis of calm in a stressful life.  Here I can be what I always wanted to be...whether it is a reality or just a dream....I can be an author, a graphic designer, a webmaster....anything at all.  Some would call it a hobby; some would consider it a waste of time, and others a waste of talent; I consider it my sanity, my special place, and my own private world.  Here I can honor my country, create word pictures of my love for my husband, children, family and friends...and share them with anyone who cares to drop in and visit.
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